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Girl standing against a wall with back facing you. Drew this one while listening to jazz at the Rex Hotel in Toronto.

Hello and welcome!

In a nutshell: The one thing that has stayed the same with me is change and my desire to go with the flow of life, as it comes. It has been such a journey and continues to invite me to jump in and keep exploring.

The creative landscape has been ever-changing and this fascinates me and my insatiable curiosity. I am inviting you to view my production work, graphic design and more. 

My strengths are problem-solving, identifying client-needs, working out assignments both creatively, and technically. Exploring, asking questions, wondering, and still being amazed by everything new. How beautiful is that! 

While I am a lover of everything print and skilled at pre-press, decorating, and get (probably over-) excited about paper, I also create animated gifs, banners and am able to manage content and digital assets.

Thanks for visiting!


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